10 Years Strong: Nicole by Nicole Miller
by Rachel Martino
Fall Paisley
by Kristin Clark
Clothes That Will Make You Pretend It's Already Fall
by Daniela Ramirez
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch Elizabeth and James Nirvana Fragrance
by Christina Zayas
Shop for Breast Cancer Awareness
by Mariana Leung-Weinstein
Short Order
by Kimberly Smith
Macy's Be Damned -- Martha Stewart & J.C. Penney Still Happening
by Lester Brathwaite
Indie Newsroom Brings It to You at Every Ball -- Why Y'all Gaggin' Though?
by Lester Brathwaite
New Sustainability Index to Make Fashion Green Without the Envy
by Lester Brathwaite
J.C. Penney Offering "Shops-in-Shop," Mobile Checkout, Free Haircuts
by Lester Brathwaite
Macy's Will See Martha Stewart in Court Today in Indie Newsroom
by Lester Brathwaite
"Two Hands on the Same Steering Wheel" Almost Drove JC Penney Off a Cliff
by Lester Brathwaite
Court Date at Tiffany's: Swatch Suing for Over $4 Billion
by Lester Brathwaite
VS Angel Goes with God, Ellen Dances on Moms' Anti-Gay Pedestal and Kanye Returns to Paris
by Lester Brathwaite
Macy's Hitting Below the Belt in Martha Stewart Lawsuit
by Lester Brathwaite
Martha Stewart Heading Back to Court as Macy's Sues Domestic Diva
by Lester Brathwaite
OUCH: "Critical Shopper" Cintra Wilson Deems JC Penney For 'Fat And Tacky'
by Hillary Frazier
RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2009
by Kirby Marzec
Jillian Lewis Fall 2009
by Kirby Marzec
ADDICT: J.C. Penney Advertising Like One of the Cool Kids
by Amanda Gabriele
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