You're Here, You're Queer, Get Into It: Picking the Perfect Coming Out-fit

Today is October 11th, better known as National Coming Out Day -- the day when all excuses for "drunken" late night hook-ups, all half-hearted reasoning behind "accidental" brushes against the thigh and innumerable piles of carefully hidden porn come tumbling out of the closet. After all, it's 2011 and being gay is okay. You can kind of get married -- if you live in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire or Washington D.C. -- and you can openly serve in the military -- as if you would either way -- so what's not to be proud of? And sure, being gay's not all is cracked up to be -- it really doesn't get that much better -- but it's still better than living a lie that no one nor their mother is buying. So go head, Mary, wave that rainbow flag and blast your Lady Gaga 'cause lady you were born this gay. For the Newborn Lez

Old Navy plaid flannel shirt $20 -

Dr. Martens dr martens boots 150 CAD -

Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry $14 -

H M metal ring 3.99 -

Wet Seal statement necklace $8.50 -

Slouch beanie

Diesel Jeans Zatiny Mid Wash Denim Bootcut Leg Jeans $128 -

"Sorry Boys I'm Gay" Jr Fitted Tee in Stuff to Wear New $15 -

    Dust off that Virginia Woolf reader and pop in that well-worn copy of  The Hours you've been stashing under your toolbox as you get dressed in the latest in lesbian haute couture: plaid, man jeans, heaps of turquoise jewelry -- gals love the turquoise, am I right, ladies? --  Dr. Martens and just to show that dykes can be funny too, an ironic T-shirt. Sure Katy Perry may have kissed a girl, but like everything else in her oeuvre, she faked it. But you know the score -- probably for whatever sport is being played now -- and you're ready to explore your lady-loving future adorned in your rugged best. For the Fag-in-Training  

Hollister co $50 -

Thom browne $525 -

Woods boots $845 -

Shoulder handbag $19 -

River Island gold bangle $17 -

Disney Couture gold necklace 30 -

ASOS white sunglasses $21 -

    Before stepping into your first pair of tranny heels -- that is if you choose to do so...which you should 'cause they're awesome -- try out a Beatle boot for a little height. You'll never go back to flats again. Pair some bold colored-jeggings with a giant shirt and, to play into even more stereotypes and/or express your pro-gay spirit -- a "Legalize Gay" tee layered over it.  A Tinkerbell necklace just has the right amount of cheek (right, fairy?) whereas a pair of sunglasses allows you to throw shade the world over while feeling relatively impervious to the slings and arrows of the hetero world. Also, a little -- or a lot of -- bling goes a long way down the yellow brick road.