You are what you eat.

Top o’ the morning to ya! How are you all? Good? Good. Me? I’ve totally lost it. Cried watching this video last night, and my sisters are placing bets on how soon I’ll be pregnant again. (The consensus is within two months.) Husband doesn’t know how to deal with Emotional Nicole, and neither do I!

Ok, moving on from the heaping pile of sobs that I’ve become. Today I’m talking about Mark Menjivar‘s series You Are What You Eat. Portraits of people, by way of refrigerator contents. Somehow they are deeply private and personal, but at the same time, not… Mark claims one person likened the question, “May I photograph the interior of your fridge?” to asking someone to pose nude for the camera. I can see that. He’s traveled the country for years photographing the fridges of rich, poor, republican, democrats, families, singles etc… in the hopes of bringing our attention to our eating habits and thinking about how we care for ourselves and our land. The photos are part of a group exhibit in Houston right now, and have been exhibited by universities and communities across the country.

Each of the photos comes with a little description of the owner and the household. Check out his site, pretty interesting. In fact, food photography is just generally interesting to me. I wonder why that is.

What does your fridge look like? Mine is pretty neat most of the time, with a heavy dose of beverages and all the drawers stocked full of produce. BUT, the middle two shelves aren’t usually packed with leftovers unless its after a weekend or something. ALSO, I ditched all my plastic containers and bought glass locking ones that you can heat up in the oven. MAJOR improvement in my life. Before I had kids my fridge was pretty much just a giant wine cooler/beverage dispenser.