WTF!?! Joh Bailey Uses Beer As A Hair Styling Product

I might not know much about hair styling, but I know enough to consider Australian hairstylist Joh Bailey psychotic for thinking that beer can be used as a styling product. Bailey said:

"Beer. It’s fantastic as a setting lotion – it’s something to do with the fermentation process. Put it in a spray bottle and mist it in before a blow-dry. The effect is really beautiful. Really. I like Heineken but even Toohey’s will do!" I've heard this same rumor before, but anyone who's played a sloppy game of beer-pong knows that beer is sticky! Oh, and how about the smell?! I might believe this is Bailey suggested a spritzing of beer prior to a shower, but leaving it in, now that's just asking for someone to send you to an AA meeting.    Thanks Beauty Fool!