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We all know that feeling, when you put on a piece of clothing, or accessory, you just know that your life will get better in an instant. Well, not literally, but sometimes it feels that way. The feeling is even better x10 when it happens in a vintage store, because you know you are most likely the only person in the universe to have it. The universe basically gave it to you and no one else. I found this vintage tweed blazer trimmed in deep violet fur, over Christmas in Pittsburgh. It came with a matching skirt, but I made an offer to split the two and just take the jacket. It was the find of a lifetime, only $125 for my dream blazer. I actually choked when the owner told me how much it was, I thought someone was pranking me, because the fur collar is in perfect condition. My jacket and I lived happily ever after.

I’m almost positive the sleeves are suppose to be 3/4 , and I’m thinking about getting them hemmed, thoughts?????

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