What Will the New Star Trek Cologne Smell Like? We've Got Some Ideas...


Star Trek is releasing cologne to give geeks everywhere a chance with ladies of the green skin persuasion. We take guesses on what it will smell like. Enjoy.

Negotiator by Captain Kirk: Rocket fuel, Ben Gay and hints of deals saved by naming your own price on Priceline.

dornWorf Speed: A true lady pleaser. Featuring hints of nebulian flower root from the planet kripton and midocrondians from a recently executed Jedi. Worf Speed is the perfect scent for those done making war and are ready for making love. (Worf Speed may contain small doses of anal secretions from the pheromone sack of a wookie.)

quarkEau de Toilette: Um, it smells like ass. Like someone litterally took a shit in a bottle and then called it perfume.

LINKAGE: Star Trek Cologne

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