Photography by Moti Ankari of The Metro Man with a Nikon D300s

I’M WEARING: Leather Duster (Alexander Wang) / Blazer (Edun) / Shirt (Marc by Marc Jacobs) / Shirt (DRKSHDW) / Pants (COS Stores) / Watch (c/o CT Scuderia) / Boots (Swims, c/o Ikkon.com)


On the second day of PROJECT NY we hid from everybody else, far offsite to take some photos in a cool part of the warehouse that wasn’t set up. These are some of the roots of my sense of dressing, as I used to walk around a lot more baggy and “hip hop” than I do now. Here we have drop-crotch pants, and an elongated silhouette of the upper body, with a long undershirt, a top-buttoned casual shirt, a blazer, and then the it-piece, the long leather duster from Wang. Quite the appropriate look if I might say so myself, in consideration of the weather outside – cold, wet, snowy and windy, all at the same time. Thanks New York.

Share Your Passion – Marcel

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