Wait, is that Blake or Lindsay?

Lindsay wasn't always uncontrollable when it came to her actions. She started off the same as Blake!

They're practically wearing the same outfit!

When it comes to young Hollywood, no one person remains the center of attention for too long before another comes to steal the show and revel in the limelight. Lindsay Lohan is certainly not new to paparazzi snapshots or bad rumors, but then again, neither is Blake Lively. Lately it seems as though Ms. Lively is in fact the new Lindsay Lohan. Though Blake hasn't been on the heels of a scandal nearly as bad as Lindsay has the stars are nearly interchangable. Let's not forget, Lindsay wasn't always a victim of her wild antics. Where has Lindsay even been lately? Recently, the only things we hear about Ms. Lohan are rumors pertaining to her and Samantha Ronson and we think it has to do with the fact that Blake's stealing the spotlight (and rightfully so)! Blake hasn't exactly been dancing on tables or bearing all for her fans to see, but then again, it hasn't been too long since our leading lady first stole the spotlight. Who knows if her future antics will spiral into the next scandal waiting to happen? We can completely see another Sam Ronson situation on our hands when Penn and Blake call it quits.