VIDEO: Vine Film Festival #tinylittlevideos Check out our...

VIDEO: Vine Film Festival #tinylittlevideos Check out our beloved Sketchy this week in a short she filmed for the Vine Film Festival she’s hosting in Bushwick on November 9th! You guys are totes invited , but don’t feel too sad if you can’t make it, because you can still submit your Vines! Do you make Vines? No? Still no need to be sad - go download it and start filmin’ stuff. Use the hashtag #tinylittlevideos so she can find your beautiful, Vine-y creation and include it in the running to win the coveted title of Best Vine Everrrr at the party at Bat Haus in Brooklyn. Come for the drinks and the snacks, stay for the awards show, then the after-party, then the hotel lobby….you know the rest.

Saturday, November 9th, from 8 - 10pm - RSVP on Facebook to stay updated!! See you there….