Valentine’s Date Night Hair Inspiration: Put Your Buns On the Side

If Cupid has aimed an arrow at you, this is your week to be wooed! So you want a hairstyle that magnifies beauty, but doesn’t get in your way. We think an artful take on the bun on the side is perfect. These examples keep hair off your face, expose your shoulders and neck (men love that!), yet are not overly formal ordone. The bun can be loose and ruffled, or a little more sleek and polished, but never too pristine; in the modern style, keep the feeling sexily casual. The bun should sits low and wide, peaking around the neck, while a decorative clip can add extra femininity, if that’s your thing. For more tips and tricks to putting your buns on the side, click style notes.

Step: Prep hair with primp working spray and part deeply on one side. On the heavier side of the part, backcomb roots lightly to create volume. Pull front hairline low over the forehead to create a sexy, side-swept fringe. Brush rest of hair on this side back into a low ponytail behind the ear and secure with a rubber band.

Step: Now twist the pony up into a loose bun or chignon. Pull a few strands of hair loose and/or wave with a curling wand or iron to add additional texture and movement.

Step: On the short side of part, tuck hair back and secure with bobby pins. Again, you can pull out a few strands to create a soft and loose face frame.

Step: Mist finished style with dry shampoo to increase volume and add gritty, lived-in texture.