Furla of Green Amongst Ropes of Red, Yellow and Blue

One of the reasons I love NYC is that the city is constantly evolving, changing, and embracing the talent from within. Currently, Madison Square Park has been taken over by a huge art installation by Orly Genger. Consisting of 1.4 million feet of woven rope, which were collected from the Eastern seaboard and repurposed for the piece, the walls created redefine the landscape of the park, encouraging visitors to rediscover the park's newly created hidden spaces. The work, titled Red, Yellow, and Blue, was inspired by Richard Serra and Frank Stella, and juxtaposes the feminine act of weaving with the masculine act of construction.

For me, the artwork made for a perfect backdrop for some after work posing.

With my new hyper blonde hair, I hit up the park on a sunny Spring afternoon wearing a recent purchase from Clover Canyon, a brand I'm utterly addicted to, pairing the patterned print, with a BCBG jacket whose print complimented and didn't overwhelm the dress. I filled my Furla Candy bag some headphones and a copy of Facehunter's book, which I got through this weekend and really enjoyed. I love scanning through street style books and trying to identify as many bloggers as possible, it's kind of my thing, also, it's interesting to see all the places Yvon's travelled to in the past few years.

BCBG Runway Echo Jacket ($478), Clover Canyon printed Dress ($259), Furla Candy Transparent Rubber Satchel Bag ($498), Belle by Sigerson Boots, (no longer available) Kara Ross Bracelet (no longer available)