Now for a Fashionable Dance Break

I whole heartedly pretend that I'm Rihanna by dancing in the rain with designer Kim Mesches.

Clearly I don't look like Rihanna, hence the upset face, and on top of thatdisappointment, my Ukrainian-esque milk maid braids were extra frizzy during the shoot. Kim on the other hand, looks pretty awesome! We got together to shoot his new tanks, with the letters ADD, pretty darn cool, especially when you have A.D.D. and can relate to the subject. Of course, I took the black and white tank and dressed it up with a Moschino Cheap & Chic tuxedo jacket, along with a trend I've been wanting to try for sometime, the black and white shoe.

For the record, I tried jumping, but this type ofmaneuveris not good for big breasted women, as my lady lumps and my chin sort of combined creating some type of boob monster that even made passerbys cringe.

Looking unimpressed, I try to stay positive in this weather,wipingoff snot and trying to look bad ass. I think I accomplished the look.

A nonchalant pose with the umbrella, and mother nature decides to blow some actual wind my way, making me hold tight while making a face that is by far too unattractive, yet cropping Kim out just didn't make sense cuz he clearly enjoyed the situation, so it made the cut. The tanks are only $25, so buy them now, and get a few for your friends.

Denim by Dittos. Shoes by Kurt Geiger, had to buy two pairs, so if anyone wants the second pair, let me know!

Photos by Spencer Kohn

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