Traveling takes up to 70% of my time at the moment. I’m exploring the world for about 2 months, then I come back home for a week or two for work, University starting this week and switch of suitcases. My blog, from what you know, is not only about pretty clothes and new trends, but about how fashion influences our way of living. I’ve always considered that in order to be fashionable it is not enough to dress up for an event or for a photo shooting, it means to have style and refinement present everywhere in your life. As a “travelling soul” I always look for advice on the internet, but all I usually find are crowded touristic places, which I never enjoy visiting. It’s really hard to find those cool places that local people or those who think the same way know about.

Having been in a situation like that, I’ve decided I should start sharing with you my traveling experience in a more detailed way. The first step is Hotel Review. When I search for a place to stay, I seek for personal opinion people share, because as good as the hotel may look (or cost), it isn’t necessarily like that in real life. My hotel reviews are going to be unusual for a blog. I’ve worked on the idea for a few weeks, and found the perfect way to present them to you.

The first hotel us had a wonderful experience with is Tribeca Grand Hotel. Below you can find a more detailed description of different aspects.

Waiting for your feedback!

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