TRENDSPARK: Smeared Makeup

Walking home in the pouring rain, sans an umbrella, resulted in quite a few things: sopping stilettos, disgustingly uncomfortable leather and smeared makeup. Though I spent quite some time ironing, blow drying and wiping my rained upon items, I didn't dare touch my smeared makeup before going out for the night. Though the editorial images posted are definitely exaggerated, I really dig the look of smeared eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. I recommend choosing one area of the face to smear to avoid looking like Courtney Love, your safest bet being the eyes (smear subtly enough and it will look like a slightly coked out smokey eye!) If your looking for a more dramatic smeared look, spray/splash water on regular (not waterproof) eye-makeup and allow to drip and dry down your face. Make sure you re-line and apply mascara to your eyes for a bolder look. The best part about this trend? Humidity only makes it better! 



Thanks Fashion Copious