TrendSpark: Colored Cigarettes

I don't care if you're an avid anti-smoker, you cannot possibly deny how cool these colored cigarettes are in the hands of Flavia Oliveira in the April issue of Flair Magazine. The "must-have" smokes are from New York tobacconist Nat Sherman and come in four spring ready colors; pink, green, orange, blue and yellow. According to the Nat Sherman site, the cigarettes were inspired by the company's matriarch, Lautia Sherman. "Fantasia Lights bring both elegance and fashion to smoking that one could only expect from Nat Sherman."  I don't care if you're hawking up a lung at 30 (seriously why would I?!?) get these babies pronto so that I can see you on the street and congratulate you on your cool!!! Available at for $43.75 for 5 Packs. Disclaimer: fashionindie thoroughly endorses the need to be different in order to be noticed. Most of you have turned your back on smoking to the point where it is once again becoming "in" to smoke. Remember indies, addiction isn't fun.  If you're prone to addiction don't be an idiot loser and take up smoking.  It's pathetic. If you are addicted to smoking, get off of it. No one thinks your special. Casual smokers rule the world. Just thought you'd like to know.