Trending Textures & Ponytails

In fashion, a key element of each season is the texture of fabrics. Smooth, embossed, or abrasive, different textures give simple silhouettes a wow-factor, taking ordinary to extraordinary. Applied to hairstyles, the same principle holds true –– the right styling can make what once as plain full of pop. In the past season, a number of variations of the classic ponytail typify this approach. My favorite is the textured low ponytail. A slight tweak to a classic staple puts you on the vanguard of fashion, makes you effortlessly chic. To try this trend, click through style notes for tips on making it at your vanity mirror. – Michelle Rotbart

Step: Spray refinish dry shampoo into second day hair and scrunch strands to add texture and movement.

Step: Backcomb hair at the root just about the nape of the neck. Spray in more refinish and add in primp for hold.

Step: Create a center part and pull strands into a low ponytail. Allow the shorter layers to frame the face.

Step: Rub the ponytail in between fingers to add volume. Spray in primp for more texture, shine and grip.