On Saturday night I got home from Alt Summit. The moment I got off the plane I went into recovery mode since I'd been going, going, going for five days straight. I went from packing and preparing for my five day absence (which is no small feat), to becoming a sponge during all the classes and soaking up every bit of advice and knowledge I could, to becoming a sales person while introducing myself to everyone I met and selling my brand to potential partners, to a party animal til all hours of the night. My energy level never seemed to wane. But the moment I got home I crashed from the high -- I could feel a cold coming on and all I wanted to do is sleep (and I did).

So now that my temporary hibernation is over, it's time to share my outfits from the last week, which will include tutorials for all my handmade clothing. Get excited!

This was my travel day on the way to Salt Lake City. I had planned to change once we got to the hotel, but checking in and registering for the conference put us a little behind so I ended up wearing it all afternoon through the classes and up until dinner. It turned out to be perfect because I was basically wearing a blanket around all day, which was much less awkward than actually wearing a blanket around, but with all the same benefits. That's my kind of travel style.


cardigan: c/o sheinside

top: c/o kiki la'rue

jeans: gap

boots: c/o lulu*s

bag: c/o lily jade