(UNIF "Die Poser" sweater and "Lore" hat, Stolen Girlfriends Club neoprene jacket, 7 For All Mankind shiny jeans, VANS SK8-HI sneakers, Alfie Douglas UK handbag)

There is honestly so, so, SO much I love about this UNIF sweater. DIE POSER. So good. Just what I want to wear when I'm walking around the crowded streets of NYC and everyone thinks they're the coolest thing on the planet. "Hipster" and "Chic" being key words around town. All you've got to do is stand dead-on...spread your arms with "Die" written on my chest (tongue out optional), then walk away..."Poser" drawn down your back. I love a good cheeky sweater arriving just before nut-so fashion week to keep me sane. Plus, it's so darn cute, I wear it with everything. Here, I took it out with the equally badass UNIF "Lore" hat and the most amazing feeling jeans known to man. A little shine for a rainy day. Plaid, black skinnies, and of course a classic VANS sneaker is all I need on a busy work week. NYC is SO cold that I've been literally dreaming of treehouses, Malaysia, and summer all night...dreading having to layer on an itchy wool coat the next day struggling to keep warm. All I really feel like doing, is curl up under a down blanket in the middle of the week. A girl can dream.

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