Time Capsule Interiors|Modern 70′s Retreat

If you are going to read one post on Sketch42 this week (this month!) make it this one! As I’ve stated many times before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of “Time Capsule Interiors.” I got the idea, because my grandmother’s two houses are completely preserved chinoiserie chic 70′s acid trip awesomeness and I LOVE them, and always have. In fact, I think I pitched the idea of a “Time Capsule Interiors” feature to every magazine editor I know for the past 5 years. Screw em all! No vision! Anyhow, I’ve put out a call to action a few weeks ago on my instagram account- “let me come shoot your amazing time capsules.” My cousin Hymie of Samuel & Sons fame immediately called me and told me I MUST go see his friend Marshall’s house. Marshall is an awesome photographer (I used to stuff his albums when I was a teenager!!!!) and all around creative. His wife Jeanie is a florist… With two creative spirits under one roof, I was prepared for cool. I was. But I was not prepared for this. What we have here is a METICULOUSLY preserved 70′s Modernist Retreat. I’ve never seen 40 year old wallpaper that was still in PERFECT condition. Not peeling. A 40 year old banana yellow kitchen – with cabinets and drawers that still function perfectly! (My kitchen is only 6 years old, and already the doors fall off the hinges once in a while!) The record player is still hooked up to built in speakers, and it still works. The original owner, the man they recently bought the house from, was obviously a man of amazing taste. A perfectionist. All cabinetry in the house has matching hardware in different color ways. The master suite has the same wallpaper/fabric in 3 different colors ways: his, hers and theirs. All Marshall and his wife did upon moving in, is add some furniture. I LOVE how they preserved the integrity of the house by staying with 70′s Jonathan Adler furniture. I LOVE that they kept the 40 year old yellow kitchen. Most young couples would have ripped it out and put in a boring white lacquer one. They did this house proud. They treated it with the respect it deserved. It just goes to show how important it is to fix little house problems before they become big problems. And to keep design integrity in tact and not add design band-aids from era as time goes by! Do it once, do it right ;) OK Lets just start the tour.

The owners have a vintage Bronco! And a pool, and tennis court, and pool house, and tree house! Marshall started an instagram for his amazing house yesterday. Follow it. @modern_70s_retreat And follow him, his photography is lovely! @marshallmiz