The Real Reason Why Sharon Stone Had Her Child Taken Away!

Well maybe the kid wasn't taken away, he probably just ran away after his mother threatened to wear these pants again. There are plenty of times when leopard print is acceptable in moderation, but there is not a single positive word I can say about this picture. I'm surprised PETA isn't on her ass for skinning a cheetah to make those ugly things, and then defacing the whole race of animal by wearing them in public. Besides having vomit pants, she's wearing the slipper Hugh Hefner died in (he's still alive? really?), Jessica Simpson's tard smile, and a hairdo that is fitting of one of those embarrassing celebrity mug shots. Do us all a favor and disappear for a couple years Sharon, that should give you plenty of time to realize what you've done, and what happened to all the money you made for doing the movie Antz? Oh right collagen, I hear it's expensive.

Thanks to Pacific Coast News for the picture.