The Misshapes are the Naked Cowboys of the Hipster Set

Gawker categorized the Misshapes into a list of New York Eccentrics (also see weirdos) that consists of He-Man, The Naked Cowboy, some Asian dude with pigtails and that weird balding dude from Williamsburg with a mullet. Ouch. I guess being different has it's penalties. Gawker's article is below. "He-Man" is stalked by Paul Briganti and his informants at, which Briganti created with the comedy group Beast after "I was at a bank talking to a friend about this guy and someone overheard me and knew who we were talking about," Briganti told Wired. Top marks for muscle definition. The Naked Cowboy has been around forever and kind of wants his infamy a bit too much. And yet there he is, still at it. You have to admire naked ambition (HEY-OH!). The DJ trio MisShapes have elevated themselves, if only barely, beyond the typical, calculated quirks of hipsterdom and into the gloriously marketable and annoying arms of arty eccentricity. We still don't know the name of this Asian guy with ponytails. But a couple of weeks ago he took a near-naked walk through SoHo with a Whole Foods bag, and we're betting he's going to keep distinguishing himself. Williamsburg mullet guy needs no introduction, because he became the obsession of a borough — no, an entire city — for months on end. His bald-in-the-front, skyscraper-in-the-back haircut terrorized Brooklynites at the start of what was supposed to be a happy New Year. An ironic-hair-cut sketch artist quickly issued a rough whiteboard rendering. A reward was offered. Weeks passed. Nothing. Then, a photo. Eventually, an identity emerged: He was a cellist and composer; he did crazy things with his hair all the time; he wants a sarcastic braniac girlfriend with green eyes. Whatever. Just don't touch the hair.