The Great Birkenstock Debate

Blazer: Helmut Lang; Camisole: Mason (love the dress version here); Jeans: Gap via Regent Tweet; Sandals: Birkenstocks; Necklace: Givenchy; Watch: Daniel Wellington; Wallet: Emerson Fry; Sunglasses: Coach (similar style here)

This outfit is something I'd probably joke with my coworkers about as being incredibly video conference friendly. Business up top, beyond casual on bottom (and no one in your meeting has to be the wiser of it!). Speaking of beyond casual, these Birkenstocks and I are getting along swimmingly at the moment. Albeit, I do feel like I'm kinda wearing mini boats on my feet and have gotten my fair share of the"Oh, Birkenstocks? Really?" raised eyebrow look at work -- but let me tell you, a fleeting trend has never felt so darn comfortable! So I'll take it.

Have you guys tried out Birkenstocks yet? Any styling tips?

Photos by Heather Clark