The Final Collection of Lee Alexander McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen's final collection has been released. Shown to a small group of editors and buyers, the reviews for this collection have remained very positive with WWD stating, "In their artistry, imagination and technical wizardry, they brought his fashion spirit to life." Emotions ran high as the 15 piece collection was presented. Robert Polet, chariman and CEO at Gucci Group was overcome as he met with the design team backstage. “It was a very moving experience to take a deep and serious look at his last collection. It showed Lee's unique talent to create pieces of beauty that touch many of your senses, leaving one enriched,” he said after composing himself. Then he added, “Although the sense of loss afterwards, I found overwhelming.” VIEW THE COLLECTION NOW In my personal opinion, I feel the collection is beautiful, elegant and supports an opulence that is rarely witnessed in fashion. There are only a handful of designers willing to brave against the trend to present pieces befitting for a Victorian Queen rather than an L.A. starlet. McQueen was one such designer. That being said, I pray this type of presentation will not be the norm for the House of McQueen. A designer known for his at times ostentatious set designs, macabre character design, and fearlessness in the art of the show, this private event just feels like it's drowning in the sorrow of the late designer, rather than celebrating the thing that made him great. You can view the full collection only on ENVY.