The Corpse Bride Wedding Dress


Are you in love with Tim Burton?  Did you just happen to fall in love with The Corpse Bride? Are you getting married soon? Then, this is the dress for you. The Gown This gown features a train that has been shredded to jagged edges and painted varying shades of blue. The front of the skirt has a slit edged in dark blue just like Emily’s. The blue gradates up the train all the way to the bodice. Burton swirls can be added to gown’s train or left off. The bodice is edged in dark blue which drips down the entire top of the gown. The bodice also features a tear which exposes latex ribs. The front panel of the gown can be asymmetrical or come to a point in the center. It’s up to you. The Veil and Headpiece The veil is made of a layer of tulle and hand painted with black Burton swirls. It is attached to a headpiece of dried vines and silk flowers. There is also a comb attached to the headpiece to keep it securely attached.  

Only $300 available on Etsy.