Ten Words that Mean Something Different to Hairdressers and You

There is a particular jargon you begin to use if you belong to any group or community. So when you hear someone in the fashion industry referencing Karl or The Bible, they don’t mean their boyfriend or King James. Much like the apparel community, hairdressers also have a list of vocabulary and phrases that’s unique to the industry. Graduation does not require a ceremony. Fringe never means tassels. And a Firefly is not a bioluminescent beetle. Confused? Don’t be; click through to find ten words that mean something totally different in hair speak. –– Michelle Rotbart


Regular Person Definition: A fly that lights up.

Hair Person Definition: One of Vidal Sassoon’s most famous cuts. Hair genius and pioneer, Vidal’s Bauhaus-inspired geometry reached a zenith with this simple, short, rounded, graduated pixie cut.


Regular Person Definition: To strike with a lash or rod.

Hair Person Definition: An airy styler or conditioning product filled with goodness. Great for creating volume and hold, softness and shine.


Regular Person Definition: Common shortened name for the given name, Robert.

Hair Person Definition: A classic cut requiring precision craftsmanship. Separates the wheat from the chaff.


Regular Person Definition: An ornamental textile trim

Hair Person Definition: Bitchin’ Bangs.


Regular Person Definition: Hair that is messy and out of place.

Hair Person Definition: Hair that is all the more sexy and stylish because it is messy and out of place.


Regular Person Definition: Rounded, not sharp.

Hair Person Definition: Cool haircut that is all one length. Often worn by bold girls and celebrities, like Jessica Alba.


Regular Person Definition: What you do to spruce up your house.

Hair Person Definition: Artisan technique for creating natural-looking splashes of color in hair. The new zeitgeist of salon hair color.


Regular Person Definition: Hand gesture saying hello or goodbye.

Hair Person Definition: A cascading waterfall of beautiful flowing tresses. Can be worn polished or undone. Made more achievable byAmerican Wave, which puts permanent volume, texture, curls and beach waves into any hair style.


Regular Person Definition: Tuesday.

Hair Person Definition: The best hair texture to play around with because the second day after washing is always better than the first.


Regular Person Definition: To apply a new finish to a surface.

Hair Person Definition: Miracle styling product. Creates texture and volume while protecting hair from damage caused by daily cleansing. Hasat least three cans of it at home.

Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group