Casual Style While Taking Five with Reiss

SWEATER: REISS c/o // PANTS: Helmut Lang // HEELS: REISS c/o // BAG: REISS c/o // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Fanfare’ // SUNGLASSES: Valentino

Photos by Tessa Barton Photography

Today I am doing a post with REISS to show you how I like to take five! This is part 1 and I am starting with one of my favorite food places I lovvve to go to, The Rose Establishment! They have the best cookies, tea, treats, sandwiches, just so many yummy things and it doesn’t hurt that it is all pretty to look at too. I love what Olivia Palermo said, “I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating your favorite decadent desserts, and traveling.” … could not agree more, OP! Those are all of my favorite things summed up into one. So to take five I usually start with the treats, preferably I would be with my husband but that day he was working but luckily I had my girl Tessa with me.

Check back tomorrow to see part 2!

PS My sister in law’s nephew was featured in a super inspiring article, here. He is 16 months old and was born with tracheomalacia and has been in the hospital the whole 16 months.. he has been through so much and his parents, Natalie and Jake are so inspiring and positive and their story is a total miracle! So if you want to check it out, read it here!