Style Inspiration: Braided Buns in the Back

Different braids are popular for different reasons. Easy two or three strand braids can be plaited quickly, and always look boho chic, so they are a great daytime look, especially for times when hair having a bad day. More elaborate twines, like crowns and milkmaids and fishtails, present a visually interesting texture for a unique nighttime look. Spotted on the runways, there is now a new kind of braid. Combining the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of a coiled knot with the beatnik beauty of an interweave, the braided bun in the back is a high fashion look that can be interpreted in different ways, as seen in the collage above. For easy tips to get you started on this couture-hot trend, click style notes.

Step 1: Start by creating a French braid, tightly woven from the roots of your hair. Plait the whole of your head.

Step 2: Now, roll the braid back up around itself at the base of the neck, like you would with a classic chignon. Secure using clips and bobby pins.

Step 3: Finish with healing oil for glister, or finish with dry shampoo for grit. Once the technique is mastered, use the images above to try variations of the look.