High-End Urban Wear Brands That Do Sporty-Meets-Tailored Perfectly

Discovered some really cool, high-end urban-wear brands (JAKIMAC, Matiere, Band of Players and LZZR Jewelry were all standouts) at the Agenda Show in Long Beach this past week. This sporty-meets-tailored outfit is, essentially, another way of saying that there shouldn't be any rules on how to wear or style particular items. Don't you hate it when people religiously pore over how-to columns or watch shows like What Not To Wear (thank god - they pulled the plug on that one)? In the perfect, sartorial world, one shouldn't have to follow any style advice. Break the cycle. Seek and find inspiration. And just do you. Read: As always, not ranting - just observing and perpetuating the dialogue of personal style that comes from the heart.

boohoo Man black baseball shirt | ASOS rounded-collar white button-down shirt | ISAORA geometric sweatpant trousers | Saint Rita Parlor sunglasses | Vivienne Westwood PVC oxfords | Daniel Wellington watch (get 15% off using 'MYBELONGING15' - expires 7/31/14) | The Sum signet ring

Photography by Randy Tran