smiling in vegas

smiling in vegas (ASOS look #1)


marcel won a competition to las vegas with ASOS and i immediately invited myself as his +1. thanks for then saying yes marcel :D. anyways, it was just a quick trip, where more en route time was involved than actual time in vegas (we’re talking two 12 hour bus rides from toronto to NYC and two 5 hour flights), but hey it was worth it (yes, even though i’ve now been sick for a week from sheer exhaustion!), but i finally got my poolside, warm climate, palm tree kind of vacation (even if the poolside part was only about two hours long).

las vegas itself was pretty crazy. people everywhere (many crazily dressed thanks to the EDC going on while we were there - and we got tickets also as part of the prize! so amazing!), hot hot heat (but dry heat so it was actually way more bearable than hot summer days here up north), so many different themes to shoot in the background (venice, paris, modern, all-american - you name it!), ASOS penthouse party at the mandarin oriental (such an amazing hotel, and the party was awesome - met soo many cool people!). an awesome trip spent with awesome people :) wish i could go back for more!

so what could i do other than bring a suitcase filled with my favourite ASOS items as a thank you? these shorts and this clutch i think were meant for each other, i couldn’t imagine one without the other (true love, you say?). the sleeveless vest (which i’ve always wanted to wear), covered up the intense flair of the shorts (not quite used to having so much hip quite yet), and then i added some lovely accessories including these beautiful bracelets from tevin vincent.

oh, and if you guys want to enter to win your own #ASOSGETAWAY to either miami or san-fran, just click here to enter (definitely worth a shot!!)

wearing: ASOS high waisted shorts in bold stripe // ASOS clutch bag with laser cut flap // ASOS waistcoat // ASOS sunnies // tevin vincent bracelets // zara tank // vintage necklace // random sandals

photos by the all-amazing marcel @