Skater Skirt, Or Complete Opposite?

I’m not sure why this style of skirt is called a skater skirt, it’s hardly practical for anyone who would be skating. If anything it’s the complete opposite to anything skater, as the fullness of the skirt makes it a lot dressier and elegant than anything a skater would wear. Regardless of what it’s called, I really like it!

I was asked a few posts back to divulge a little bit into what actually goes on behind the scenes of photographing an outfit for my blog. Before I started my blog I was following many fashion blogs and always thought how easy it looked and that you would simply go out on the street in your outfit and take photos. However, the process is so much more complicated, in particular finding somewhere to take the photos. I live out in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne which is very, very residential, and as houses don’t look good in the background of photos, there is no where around my area to take the photos, so 90% of the time, I have to go into the city (about 30 mins drive). But even then, the background has to be perfect. There has to be no people or cars in the background, no trees (green can sometimes look bad), a good coloured background (not too dark, not clashing with my outfit, or if it’s a brick wall like this one, then the brick can’t be too red), and of course, the lighting has to be just right. Too much sun washes out your skin, partly sunny you’re always having to change the exposure on the camera, and of course, no one likes to stand out in the rain. Overcast is the perfect weather to take photos, or at sunrise/sunset!

I’M WEARING: River Island Jumper (similar here & here) Boohoo Faux Leather Skater Skirt (similar here, here & here) Vince Camuto Boots (similar here) Nomadic Clutch8 Other Reasons Earrings