Should You Go Blonde? An Answer To The Summer Conundrum

Something about warm weather and sunshine gives people the urge to go lighter and brighter. Blonde is beachy, soft, and playful –– perfect for the season. But blonde can also be unforgiving. The wrong shade can leave you looking washed out, tired, or blotchy; in fact, it can be one of the most difficult colors to pull off. The reason is simple: unlike darker shades which contain a mixture of tones, light colors contain less pigment and therefore less complexity. A chocolate brown, for example, contains ash, copper, and gold hues, so it can work with warm, cool, and neutral skin, but a buttery blonde is just golden and won’t work on ruddy or olive complexions. So it’s a challenge to get the right pastel shade, but there is a pale color out there for everyone. Read on to find the right shade for you with celebrity examples of flattering shades for every complexion. –– Laura Martin

If you have…

pale skin with pink undertones try soft gold or buttery hues. The warm tones will contrast lightly with your skin and emphasize your delicate coloring, just don’t go too silvery, it can make you look tired.

pale skin with gold undertones go for taupe, or vanilla shades. A cool-neutral will balance warmth softly, leaving your skin looking glowy and soft.

medium skin with pink undertones try rose gold or honey blond. These shades have warmth that is soft, not brassy, and will give skin a healthy glow.

medium skin with gold undertones go for sandy and champagne tones. The cool, rich blondes will add rosiness to your complexion.

dark skin with pink undertones try carmel shades, they’ll make your skin look golden and minimize dark circles for a flattering youthful appearance.

dark skin with gold undertones go for bronde. The cool dark blonde shade is youthful and believable. Going too light will wash you out, so keep it soft.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted