Shop Indie: David Hart & Co. Ties

    Ever since New York Times posted that spread all about the reinvention of plaid, I have been hooked on finding great ways to add plaid to my wardrobe that isn't in the stereotypical shirt form. These cool ties from David Hart & Co. are an awesome way to do that. I through in a couple of his other ties that I thought were cool just for fun, but my real obsession here are the bow ties. I need a bow tie, and my hunger for plaid needs to be satiated, so this tie is like killing two birds with one stone. Potential customers, consider yourself warned, these ties aren't cheap. The going rate for a long tie is $160-$150 and a bow tie will put a $115 dent in your pocket. They are totally worth it if you have the money though. If you're looking to get a David Hart & Co. tie just head over to Bergdorf Goodman and get shopping. Oh and this would be a great gift for dad during the holiday season! For more on David Hart & Co. check out their website here.