Shirt Stirrups: TOTALLY Necessary.

Ah, bartenders. They're endless fountains of wisdom who charge way too much for a bottom-shelf cocktail. And because I'm sure you're wondering how they keep their shirttails so nicely tucked, here's a cocktail joint sartorial secret: shirt garters. Finally, an answer to a question I didn't really need to ask. If you think such a contraption sounds like it came from the old-timey days of prohibition, you're not wrong: apparently, as seasoned high-end bartender Toby Maloney tells the New York Times, it's a closely guarded secret barmen have been passing down for years. The rubberized straps attach the tails of your shirt to the tops of your socks, keeping your shirt neatly tucked in while hoisting up your socks as a bonus. Alas, they don't come without problems: They are fussy and annoying. They detach and leak out your pant leg at the most inopportune time. If ratcheted too tight, you feel like a dandy Pinocchio, slightly drunk and walking on the moon. Worst of all, they get you singled out in security lines at the airport. To this day there hasn’t been a T.S.A. employee who hasn’t raised an eyebrow when I explain about the shirt garters. Yeah, I'd say we leave shirt garters to the professionals behind the bar. Seeing a potential boyfriend reveal prissy, kind of burlesque straps underneath his trousers is a definite mood killer. And imagine the snap. Link Love: T Magazine