Searching for Coco

My love for Cynthia Rowley is unparalleled. She carries such a kind-hearted, life loving, humorous, and extremely friendly spirit. We met a few years ago, and ever since, I feel like her collections are becoming more and more ‘me.’ She even told me at her last show that she designed the season with a little of me in mind. I’m pretty sure she was just tootin’ my horn, but it was way worth the moment we had after.

Cynthia designed this outfit thinking that most people would wear the pieces separately, that the iridescent would be just too much for one person, and yet, I would not wear this any other way. Even the shoes are a perfect match! PS: how amazing is the dude on the segway who totally photo bombed my photo…

The only thing this outfit is missing is a bag. Possibly a Chanel?

I’ve been looking for a new Karl approved handbag for some time. I bought one years ago from Portero, an online luxury reseller that specializes in authentic bags and jewelry at incredible prices (check out this video guide of buying a classic bag). I couldn’t afford a new Chanel at the time, and wanted a classic quilted 2.55 with gold hardware, and found a nearly new one for under $2000.

Now, I’m in the market for something different, something trendy and fun, not classic, but visibly and undeniably Coco.

I went back to Portero and discovered their new ‘Find It‘ option, a personalized concierge service that helps customers ‘find’ pieces from a designers collection from any season. So if you’re a collector, you can find all the pieces you want to fill your collection. It’s been so helpful.

Since I was only looking for something in a specific color scheme, I filled out their request form and they sent me Chanel options to choose from. I’m not sure yet which I’m going to get yet, but I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Wearing: CR dress, leggings, jacket (sample), shoes (n/a).

Photos by Lydia Hudgens