Rihanna | Balmain

I know this was the week of Beyonce, and I admit, what she did was AWESOME. But I get sick of hearing about how perfect and fierce she is. Maybe I should just admit, I’m a hater. More like indifferent most of the time, but then hater when her presence is super saturated in the media. On the flip side, I LOVE Rihanna’s image and media presence. I’ll admit, I was mad at her for a long time over everything Chris Brown, but I’m back on team RiRi. Every single time I see a picture of her, she’s the ultimate. She IS style. And I love how she is reclaiming her agency. I mean, that “Pour it up” video seems like it takes place in a post-male apocalypse, Rihanna freakin owns sex and does with it what she wants. Beyonce perpetuates the myth and image of “having it all” – perfect life, perfect mother, perfect child, perfect husband, perfect career, perfect voice, perfect body. But Rihanna is just unapologetic. (She’s also younger, so there’s that.)

And now she’s the new face of Balmain. I think she’s the most iconic millennial pop star, with the most staying power. Well, she’s definitely the most stylish. Miley and Taylor be damned. I also love that they shot it in what looks like a steam room!

What do you think of the campaign?