New Photos! Pretty & Plastered #1

Hello Fashion World! Some of you may know me, but most of you probably don't. My name is Kirill and I am the party guy behind the lens at This is my first time blogging about fashion, which I can honestly say I know nothing about. I don't know current trends or who's going to be hot next season. but what I do know is what looks good. That's right, I'm a photographer, covering a very prominent part of our culture. I shoot nightlife -- and what aspect of our society is more riddled with crazy fashion than nightlife - it's our time to shine - strip off those work clothes (for those of us who have jobs) and hit the town to get fucked up.

(That's me on the right in the coon skin hat along with my buddies Jesse Marco & DJ Sinatra.) And so because of my excessive drinking and creeping on hot chicks, FashionIndie and I have teamed up to bring you a sorta-weekly blog that I call: Pretty & Plastered! (which for argument's sake may not always contain plastered people, but will ALWAYS contain pretty people) I will admit I am very biased, I like my girls hot & clothing optional... so brace yourself! PS - Don't expect me to comment on the photos like every other lame blogger does. Look at the photos for yourself and form your ideas - I'm not here to insult your intelligence. And so without further adieu... Pretty & Plastered: The following photos were all taken at SL East in the Hamptons excluding the few day/bedroom shots:

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