1-13: Veronica Beard / 14: Tia Cibani / 15-19: KYE / 20: Milk Studios / 21-24: Pas de Calais / 25: Club Monaco opening Before NYFW even began, there were a few shows and presentations to attend. And thanks to, I get to borrow a Sony A7R (which is a professional full-frame camera but super compact and light!) during fashion week. So no back pains have been occurring due to camera lugging, plus it's been such a great experience trying out a camera for a week before actually committing and buying it! I would definitely recommend renting out your equipment even for just a few days to see if it suits you, especially since the whole process was amazingly easy. Almost easier than buying the actual equipment. So all you bloggers and photographers (pho-bloggers?) - check it out here.

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