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Having been back in Sunny California for two weeks now, I figured that I should share some of this lovely sun with you all. I am admittedly guilty of under appreciating the beauty that LA and its surrounding areas has to offer (especially due to my lack of a license to drive and subsequent inability to get to many places), but it is places like these that rekindle my love for the state. The truth is, I have been so used to cities that are easy to maneuver, compact, and accessible (like Shanghai, New York, and Hong Kong), so LA has often frustrated me because it is so dispersed (I like to think of it as a broken cookie - all the crumbs scattered but delicious). Yet without LA's scattered layout, panorama and nature like this would not be as common. So, thank you LA for an abundance smudgy horizon lines and hilly goodness. I'm just desperate to be able to devour more of California's untouched beauty. These photos were taken at Jack's Hat Trail at Palos Verdes.

Some other good news that I have is that I teamed up with Koshka to give away another pair of these red daisy shorts in the spirit of Valentine's day! I do really want to treat you guys (as I obvioulsy love you all), and despite the overrated-ness of this particular holiday (love should be something celebrated all-year round in my opinion), I think that everyone, whether in a relationship or not, should have a chance to experience the love. All you have to do is follow the instructions via. Rafflecopter down below and make sure to comment with your email address and favorite Koshka item so we can reach you! This giveaway ends in a little over a week, so hurry up and enter xx!

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