Pictures by James Chardon SEA, SUN AND CHANEL FLATSDuring our stay in Spain, and more precisely in Barcelona, we absolutely had to squeeze in some time to go to the beach. And even though it was totally unexpected, it was so worth it. Let me explain to you what happened. Since summer arrived in Switzerland so late, I even kind fo forgot the actual meaning of the word ''beach'' and existence of bikinis... So when we arrived in Barcelona, and when I saw all my pals posting pictures of the playa and that I realised ''darn! I didn't take any sun screen or swimming suit with me'', you can't even imagine how frustrated and stupid I felt. The only flat shoes I had taken with me were my Chanel ballerinas, totally new ones. Could never go and ruin them at the beach. We couldn't skip that option though and that's how we went strolling around, bare feet (burning like hell feet) at the Platja Bogatell in our shorts and tops while everybody was in their little bikinis (or nothing at all actually, I mean I've never seen that many topless girl getting there tan in one place, you go spanish chicas!). Next time, I'll have my flip flops ready or rush to any tourist shop to get some! Word.

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BLAZER : Mango

CLUTCH : Mango

SHIRT : Zara


RING : Avinas

BRACELETS : Vita Fede / Kris & Jules