French Connection brings floral prints to menswear featuring @FCUK

Is anyone else kinda freaking out that summer’s almost over? I mean everywhere I look, it seems like everyone is prepping for fall. End of summer sales, new fall merchandise hitting shelves, back to school commercials, blah blah blah. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love fall fashion but I’m gonna miss wandering about the city in the warm summer sun. On this particular day, I ended up exploring the beautiful west village and found this quiet little street with a perfect glare of sunlight shining down between the buildings. Photoshoooot, naturally! Maybe it was all the sunlight but right after taking these pics I went and got my first tattoo! If you’ve been following me on Instajam you might’ve already seen it! For those that haven’t, I’ll be debuting it in a future blog post. (Because I know everyone cares soo much right?) Anywho, what are some crazy things you guys have done this summer?

Wearing: Shirt c/o French Connection // Jeans by H&M // Shoes by New Balance // Eyeglasses c/o Penn Avenue Eyewear