One Last Goodbye to Marc Jacobs Psychedelic Pilgrim

I feel like Taylor Swift during a break-up, which is pretty much Taylor Swift, everyday. Need to write a song about this.

First, Id like to say I look awesome in the photo above. Like painfully awesome. Like you can't even handle my swag awesome.

Im a major Marc fangirl. Ive been obsessed with his collections since my Cleveland days, when the artistry of the then pudge Jacobs provided me with the fashion fuel I needed to apply to Parsons and make a big move to NYC. The rest, is something that they may someday call history, or at least something worth sharing with the grandkids over Passover.

The hat, which was one of the pieces which really stood out from this collection was only spotted once by this active Marc shopper, seen in black at the Bal Harbour Shops for $4500. Like most things that hit the runway that actually get my attention, there were only a few samples made, and most of them probably went into the Marc Jacobs archive, to one day be featured in a retrospective on his decades long career at the MET or MoMA. You know it'll happen, so don't fight it, and get the fuck out of my way if there's a line for tickets.

This hat, with the pilgrim shoes with massive buckle that also hit the runway, became my obsession pieces this fall, and had I had the $6000 bucks it would have taken to get both, these would be in my closet right now. One day, when Im really fucking rich, maybe not Beyonce rich, but Solange rich, I will stalk them, find them and bribe, attack, and/or kill anyone who refuses to sell them to me. It's that serious. Thats how much I love this bitch. How can I not?

The Marc Jacobs F/W 2012 show was one of the most memorable of the season and one of my favorites.

Some wet dreams from the collection below as we say goodbye and get ready for the Spring.


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