All White Olympia

On of my favorite corners in Downtown Miami is the one where you can find the Olympia Theater. I love places that have a little history…and this theater was built in 1926!! The other day I spent hours and hours looking at old files from Miami (and I found pictures from the good-old days at Olympia). The only bummer is that they don't do plays or concerts as often as I would like to…just like once or twice a month. For the day, I wore this fun skirt with a white crop top, white sandals, and white cat-eye sunglasses… definitely an all-white look (except for my playful pink ombré). To complete the all-white theme, my Galaxy S5 was the perfect touch- the perforated patter design was the perfect accessory to carry on my see-through clutch. Btw I almost forgot, this day I curled my hair overnight without using any heat…I'll share the video on how to do it soon- so stay tuned! XOXO


SUGAR X SPARK white skirt

SHOPPIIN white crop top

MISS GUIDED white strappy sandals.

BLUSH AND BLU clear clutch

ZEROUV white cat eye sunglasses