NYC's Most Famous Furrier Tells Us How To Wear Fur for Spring

Fur doesn't get any cooler than this. As lightweight as Adrienne Landau's new fur collection may be, it may be better off in Argentina come springtime. Not just because it's winter there during our summer, but because the hues are magnificently mashed up. Find out how Adrienne Landau wears fur in the warmer months.  We chatted with Adrienne for a minute on how to stay cool in a furry second skin. She gave us some pro tips on the pieces to go for that'll last year round: SHEER BASED When you mix fur with sheer, it stays lightweight. LONG SKINNY SCARF It's just a little touch of fur that can move around and keep you warm in the A/C, all without staying too close to your neck. Definite favorite: MINI VEST A vest can be very light, throw it over a little dress. Not too warm, and not too big to stow away. Did you wear any fur this summer? How did you rock it? Meanwhile, since the models were mannequins, I took it upon myself to give these chartreuse feathers a twirl atop my neon pink bombardier jumpsuit... Hello Spring 2013! Welcome to Fashion Week.