Vintage Tees & New York Music

tee: vintage via F as in Frank | skirt: vintage via Shoppalu | trench: Zara | shoes: Aldo

I’m a big vintage tee fan. Over the years I’ve amassed a few and they are some of my very favourites t-shirts. There’s something about a tee with history, regardless of whether you know it or not, that makes it more appealing. I have a very, very old one with the band Queen on the front. It used to be black and it’s now a kind of dark grey from overwear. My question to you is this: It says MIKE on the back and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. There’s no one in the band named Mike and Google is not helpful. Anyone a Queen enthusiast that can help a girl out? I swear I will go to my grave wondering this.

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