We often think of beauty products as items that perform some sort of apparent enhancements on our bodies, like bronzer, lipstick or a thick coat of mascara. Yet, almost every woman I know feels more beautiful when they wear perfume and feel incomplete without a daily spritz on the wrists.  I once walked all over NYC with a good friend in search of a bottle of her favorite perfume she had forgotten put on that day. Another friend, visited 3 different Sephoras in a span of a couple hours looking for her signature scent. Extreme? Perhaps… Though crazier things have been done in the name of beauty.I wasn’t always a fan of wearing perfume, but over the years I have built a nice little collection and have gotten into the habit of wearing it everyday. Above are some of my current and all time favorites:

1. Chance Chanel, Eau de Parfum: The original is still my favorite. It’s smells sweet and spicy and reminds me of my first year out of college.

2. Chloé, Eau de Parfum: This is my current favorite, I carry the roller ball version of this in my pursue, for touch-ups throughout the day. It smells like wood, and pink peonies after a summer storm. LOVE!

3. Versace Bright Crystal: This fragrance, I received as a gift and I am glad I did! It smells sweeter than the other perfumes listed, but I love wearing it for a night on the town. The bottle looks great on my dresser too.

4. Miss Dior Cherie: This is a reformulated version of the Miss Cherie Dior, which used to be my signature scent. I still prefer the original (which has been discontinued) but this one is certainly growing on me. This version is fruitier than the original, which is great for warm weather.

5. 212 Carolina Herrera: This fragrance is the perfect blend of musk and floral, without becoming overpowering.

6. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle: I used to wear this daily until a few years ago… It is such a classic fresh scent. I still wear this from time to time, when nostalgia for my younger days sets in.

7. Burbery Brit Sheer: I recently discovered this scent during a trip to Sephora and so far it like it almost as much as my go-to Chloé. Must be the pink peonies…

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