Miss Universe Takes The Heat For Miss Skinny To Compete

For being so damn tiny, the 5'11", 100 lbs model, Stephanie Naumoska caused quite the uproar, forcing officials at Miss Universe to reevaluate contestant credentials. For an understandable reason, people worldwide are in uproar that Naumoska, despite her loss in the Australian leg of the pageant, was even able to compete. The world is in wonder, what kind of image does exploiting a body-type such as Naumoska's say to young girls? In rebuttal, officials defended their selection claiming Naumoska's "Macedonian body type" shouldn't be confused with an eating disorder. Is there really such a body-type? Experts beg to differ.  There really isn't a resolution to put this upheaval to rest. Naumoska is skinny, but she isn't emaciated. She competed, but she didn't win. So, what are people complaining about? Such an outcome must be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, a skinny girl undoubtedly won Miss Universe, but the skinniest didn't win. There could be examined as Miss Universe's way to promote a healthier, fuller body type, but there really is no evidence that Naumoska has an unhealthy eating disorder. If there was proof, complaints and a reconstruction of Miss Universe  would be acceptable. If people are uncomfortable with a naturally itty-bitty waist, then don't look at it! And come on parents, why would you let a child watch something like this anyway?! Didn't "Little Miss Sunshine" teach you anything?   Thanks NY Mag!