Mislead / OUTFIT

Topshop x Todd Lynn Cropped Blazer / ASOS Dipped Hem Dress / Topshop Studded Belt / AllSaints Necklace / Topshop Boots / Balenciaga City

Sorry for yet another weather related moan, but I really wish it would decide what it’s doing. I left the house in this beautiful, floaty new ASOS dress thinking it would be the perfect day for it’s first outing, but I was so wrong! It was lucky I’d grabbed my jacket before leaving as no sooner had we got outside, the clouds rolled in & it became cold, wet & miserable again. This outfit feels like it belongs in September, not almost Summer…

On a good note, looking at these photos I feel like my hair has finally grown to a length I’m really happy with & is in so much better condition too. Sorry for the gratuitous hair shot up there, but seriously, check out the first outfit post I did & how short it was!

I’d been going to the same, expensive, city center hairdressers for years & they always chopped my layers super short because my hair was ‘thick & heavy’ & needed ‘shaping’. I just went along with it, thinking they knew best. Then a little while ago I got back in touch with an old friend, who’s now a hairdresser, and she encouraged me to grow it all out. I was skeptical at first, and it seemed to be at an awkward in-between stage for months, which made me even more convinced that it was better shorter. I considered numerous times asking for the layers to be cut short again because it looked a mess, but now I see just how right she was. It’s virtually all one length now & yeah, it is thick & heavy, it takes ages to blowdry & gives me a headache from the weight if I wear it up for too long, but I think it’s worth it.