Milk & Honey Shoes: Not Too Tights

Introducing the Milk & Honey Shoes "Not Too Tights". I received a pair in the mail for review this week from the online design-your-own shoe store. As you can find on their website, not only do they have every shoe possibility you could dream of, they also make tights that claim to offer comfort and control, giving you a flat smooth midsection.

First impressions: the packaging was pretty. The composition is polyester and spandex. No Nylon, so they give a matte appearance in person. Upon further inspection and wear: Im lactose intolerant and really cant handle anything tight across my stomach. I am actually guilty of taking a scissors to the top band of all my stockings. I was worried that these would be super impossibly tight in order to do their job. I was really surprised! Not only do they give you a perfectly flat stomach, they are so light I hardly noticed wearing them. No pain, but gain, and no more scissors. I could easily wear these all day. My favorite part about the look of the tights is the solid band above the polka dot pattern that breaks into a less opaque portion. It gives them a sexy thigh high feel. The only downside is that I did snag them easily while taking photos, but that is also true of any silk stocking. I cant wait to see if they will add more colors to the collection. For only $20 these little vintage feeling polka dot wonders are worth a go. Runway Tip: Being a runway model for over 10 years Ive picked up a couple tricks. The one I use the most is on stockings. We were lined up backstage waiting for a show to start, standing in enormously high heels and wanted to slip our shoes off until the show started. The designer would not let any models remove their shoes even for a second because walking on the floor is the easiest way to snag stockings or tights. From then on, I put my stockings on last, or put a pair of socks on over them if Im going to walk around without shoes on.

I styled them with a strapless silk dress and a vintage hat with cage veil.

We had a lot of fun with make up today, done by Yusuke Okita.

My lips are encrusted with crystals for a touch of extra glamor.