Basic Style, With Not So Basic Classic Levis

The Look

Jeans: Levis

Tee: Z supply c/o

Necklace & Bangles: Karma Mantra c/o

Heels: Zara (simiar)

Bag: Gypsy 05

Sunnies: Komono

This denim actually spoke to me.. I saw it.. we locked eyes in the only way that denim can lock eyes.. and it said "Hi there"

Okay so maybe I made that up, but had these perfectly proportioned, slightly stiff yet worn pair of Levis not been an inanimate object the first meeting totally would have gone that way.

Today it about basics. Starting this week off with basics both in my wardrobe and in my Life. Somehow when you manage to get back to the basics so much of everything else becomes quite clear. It's just the getting back there that may be a slight challenge.. Take it one step at a time and one piece of clothing at at time. If you are not quite ready to pair everything down to the basics throw on a basic white tee with a graphic print skirt.. or basic denim with a beautiful lace top.. make one item basic.. your heels, your bag, etc.. Here I paired basics with not so basic jewelry. Not all over the place but just enough pop to add some flavor to these basics.