MBFWA Day 1 – Full Skirt

My apologies for the lack of posts! We have been so busy for MBFWA since we arrived in Sydney on Friday night and the days have really gotten away from me. I don’t know how these bloggers can go to shows all day then come home at night and put up their outfit posts, I just go straight to bed! But I am going to try and be better, hence what I am doing now.

So this is what I wore to MBFWA Day 1 to the Carla Zampatti opening night show. I had bought this H&M full skirt without trying it on at their launch event in Melbourne and wasn’t planning on wearing it to Fashion Week until I tried it on when I got home and saw how amazing it was. I really love over the top full skirts such as this one as it for some reason reminds me of Sex & The City with Carrie running around New York!

These shots are a bit of a mixed bag, my apologies. We tried to take the photos for an outfit post before the show however they just didn’t turn out right with all of the people around and dark background, so we decided that we would take them again later. However once we went to shoot the outfit again we had realised that our SLR camera charger had been left behind in Melbourne, and managed to get about 10 shots in before it died. I think it will be up bright and early for us in the morning to head to a camera store for a new charger before shows! H&M Full Skirt (also available in black) Showpo Knit Top RMK ‘Lover’ Heels Michael Kors Bag SHOP THE TREND: FULL SKIRTS The post MBFWA Day 1 – Full Skirt appeared first on .